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Hire Them

DA is packed with some amazing artists. These are commissions that I have got throughout the past few years. Go support these excellent artists. They're very prompt and keep you in the details.

Weekly Discount: 10/7 

3 deviants said Gadgets (Rocket packs. Computer things. Steampunk everything.)
2 deviants said Summertime (Beach scenes. Bikinis. Sports.)
2 deviants said Musical (Where a character is either attending some sort of concert, wearing a rock shirt, or playing an instrument. Let's do the Time Warp!)
1 deviant said We're Alone (finding some Me & You time away from Others, whether it's for a serious chat or make out session)

Discount not applicable for commissions bought with points.

Weekly Discount for SEPT 30th - OCT 7th
Hallow's Eve

COSplay Explosion by jackcrowder

:bulletblue: Halloween has had such a cultural hold in the past century that it's rather fun to just look at its heroes. The series Penny Dreadful over on Showtime does a great job of grouping them together. Frankenstein (would you care for a roll in the hay?), the Werewolf, vampires, demons and the playground of the occult. Where children run around getting sweets and everyone can wear whatever mask they desire. This acceptance of costumes has made it's way across other venues. Why some say the masquerade is what's killing comic conventions. I say celebrate cosplay. With your original characters. With classic ones. Carving pumpkins! Summoning the things that crawl in the dark! Any of these scenes $10 off insanely instantly! 



One day I staggered on to DeviantArt with a wandering eye and a room to decorate. I was here for prints, commissions and whatnots. While the community is more than helpful, I was left a bit in the cold about how there wasn’t much interaction in the scenes I was trying to create with fellow artists.  I was also limited by budget. Every character I added doubled - tripled - the cost. That’s why when I hung up my own commission sign years ago, I put into policy that three characters were included. 3 characters per piece. I wanted scenes possible because while it was what I was looking to buy, it was also what I wanted to build and now I have quite the wondrous portfolio of scene after scene. None of which would have been possible by sticking to the one character code.

3 characters included in every artwork.
$5 for each additional character.

MONTY (full body) 55 - 10 Weekly Discount - 5 Side Deal - 5 Side Deal = $35 total
The incorporation of these themes not only provide a unique attitude to the scenes but verges characters into new territory.

Each of these yearlong sales are locked until AUGUST of 2015.

:bulletblue: MCFLY YOU BOJO

One of the great aspects of the Back to the Future trilogy is that it addressed the dual nature of dreaming technology.  It not only presents retro gadgets of Tomorrowland but also displays the dystopian possibilities of the wrong choices. You go from having this Hill Valley with cars running off pollution to a Hill Valley featuring Tannen's toxic waste reclamation plants. It’s 2015 next year. Let’s make the future strange. Any scene that takes place in a scene within either a utopian (think the Jetsons) or dystopian (think cyberpunk) setting automatically gets this deal.  

:bulletblue: MASCOT PAIGE

Let’s make something together. Paige is featured on my return to Commissions graphic. She’s a blank slate. She’s quite available for any adventure and whatever nature they take. The previous sword swinging ginger that was my commission’s graphic was actually a negative reminder. It was a character that I had designed but was never paid. Always recycle, friends, but now is the time for something new. I want to do that with you. Whether it’s building a background or simply putting her in jeopardy, each of these acts will be adding to the mystic of Paige. I haven’t seen anything like that done or, rather, I haven’t seen it lately and I think it would also allow us all to build a neat relationship to how we each add to her.  

:bulletblue: MARVELOUS YEAR

Disney didn’t endanger any of the Marvel licenses. The epic nature of Guardians has proven that. There was such a vulnerable current that went through all the comic fans when the Mouse took over the House. Well, you can all be at ease finally because it’s been exposed. They care. Even after Iron Man, even after the Avengers, there still was that atmosphere like these characters were in risk. You can all relax now. Make one of the three characters one from Marvel’s catalog and you get instant savings.

:bulletblue: SHRED AVANT GARDE

There’s something about battle damage. Sometimes it’s self inflicted. Sometimes it’s from the heat of the conflict. That big reveal of what’s underneath. I’m not sure if I would say that it’s completely sensual as it is curiosity. As a child, my heroes were always bleeding or showing their skin under their costumes. It represented how treacherous their situations were.  The actual wearing away of the individual until all that’s left is them until the end. Just a hint of that perilous activity makes any captured moment that much more powerful.

:bulletblue: Full Body & Color Illustration
Dark Paradise by jackcrowder AHEM MY TURN featuring Romanoff x Danvers x Drew by jackcrowder
Adventure Death Time with Darkseid by jackcrowder
Patty Larceny x Vic the Slick SECRET FOREST by jackcrowder Dalek x Borg x Collector x The Master by jackcrowder

:bulletblue: Thigh-High Color Illustration

DOCTOR Agahearth by jackcrowder MONEY success FAME glamour by jackcrowder
Midnight Child amongst the Dreams by jackcrowder
Genesis takes down the Batman by jackcrowder Naruto x Emma Frost by jackcrowder

:bulletblue: Full Body Black & White with Color Accent

CRIMINAL MINDS Morgan x Rossi x Reid x Hotchner by jackcrowder Penelope Garcia x Jennifer Jareau x Emily Prentiss by jackcrowder
Middle Earth Asgardian Invasion by jackcrowder
Galaxy and Purple Dragon by jackcrowder Elphaba and Glinda as Xena and Gabrielle by jackcrowder


the RONIN by jackcrowder Set to Simmer by jackcrowder
SMILER slave girl ALUS by jackcrowder
SMILER Signalwoman by jackcrowder SMILER Headphoned Mitsy by jackcrowder

:bulletblue: Line Art

vulnerable to LOVE by jackcrowder JEDI craves not these THINGS by jackcrowder
Focus of Witchnight by jackcrowder
Major Frank Burns x Draco Malfoy by jackcrowder you are still too WEAK to fulfill your DESTINY by jackcrowder

FOUR PANELS included per page
$5 for each additional panel

Tarzan at the hands of the Emperor (Page 1 of 3) by jackcrowder JUST ONE DAY (1 of 3) by jackcrowder
Ashley Williams and Aria T'Loak come to Terms by jackcrowder
page ONE by jackcrowder Princess Seized - Page 01 by jackcrowder

:bulletblue: Animated Sprite
Diablo Amazon Down 1 of 3 by jackcrowder SPRITE Hexx Laying by jackcrowder
SPRITE Mimi Ru Sasha by jackcrowder
SPRITE Ariona by jackcrowder SPRITE Silver Shinobi by jackcrowder

:bulletblue: Color Applied to Another Artist's Lines
Red Robin Sandwiched (2 of 3) by jackcrowder Red Robin Sandwiched (3 of 3) by jackcrowder
CRAYON Transolar Galactica Calendar pieces by jackcrowder
Tiger Lily by jackcrowder Colour Me Contest Amadalia Moonsong by jackcrowder


I used to get asked a lot about my process so for those interested, the below is the exact method that I do for everything:
My Process with Doctor Who and Clara Oswin by jackcrowder


All the space between us by rori77
by rori77

There is very little debate that this relationship was truly one of the greatest gifts to the world of music. Both McCartney and Lennon...

Recovery Time makes Batman angry! by BigRobot

Off the bat, you have some awesome methods bouncing about. There’s streaks galore for the background and that keeps it from being dense...

Ranger Concept 05 by torsoboyprops

Military fashion as a trend is nothing new. It’s something that pops up every few years. It was even the content of a William Gibson no...

2 VS. 300 by Kawenzmann

The color are spot-on. That fine attention to detail is clearly seen here. Not to mention a very clever concept behind the piece. It sh...


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I was introduced to it by way of the Fourth Doctor when I was a kid.

It came on before Red Dwarf on PBS.

I was a giant Red Dwarf fan when I was tiny.

Then when the Ninth Doctor came in, I was in college and happened upon it.

I've been casually watching since. It's a thing I do with my daughter.

Got to see the 50th anniversary episode in the theater. It's a fun show.
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